Leadership Team

Team Leader
Josh Adams
Fun fact: Going to Israel this summer
Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Poole
Major: Finance
Fun Fact: I like to surf
Shan Zhang
Major: International Business with specialization in Statistics
Fun Fact: I really want to get fatter but I can’t make it no matter how much I eat.
Director of Marketing 
Caleb Freeman
Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: I was born on leap year
Meredith Ngo
Major: Information Systems
Fun Fact:
Kat Scogin
Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: I watch Netflix shows with Chinese subtitles to help me read faster and learn more.  I’m nearing fluency!
Director of Fellowship and Community
Sydney Hisaw
Major: General Business with specialization in Pre-health
Fun Fact: I have a cat and three dogs and one of my dogs is allergic to humans.
Fun Fact
Director of Financial Stewardship
Mateo Galvis
Major: Finance
Fun Fact: I’m a gourmet pancake maker.
Nick Richards
Major: Finance
Minor: Real Estate
Fun Fact: I can dance to Spanish music like nobody’s business
Director of Service and Outreach
Paula Smith
Major: Business Administration specialization in Pre-Law
Fun Fact: I got married at 19!
David Joranlien
Fun Fact:
Girls Networking Group Leader
Jennifer Nash
Major: Event Management
Fun Fact: I talk really loud basically all of the time.
Guys Networking Group Leader 
Chris Frego
Major: Business Management
Fun Fact: I can throw a frisbee with my foot.